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Africa’s Got a Tomato Problem: Miner Grubs Are Wiping Them Out

New York, US – June 9, 2016Bloomberg Report on the current Tuta absoluta crisis sweeping 15 Africa countries. The main tomato-producing region’s government declared a state of emergency, with output at a $20 million tomato processing plant halted due to lack of supply.

The article concludes with remarks from Dr Shakir Al-Zaidi of Russell IPM: “We recommend a combined solution of farmer education, and applying the Metarhizium anisopliae fungus soil treatment which kills the tomato leaf miner moth insects in their pupal stages.” Trials in Tanzania last year showed this to be effective, and Russell IPM is selling the fungus commercially there. Next month, Al-Zaidi will demonstrate it in Nigeria. There are no side effects to humans, he said.

“Tuta absoluta will not go away but we need to learn how to live with the tomato leaf miner moth and how to keep it under control,” Al-Zaidi said.

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