Russell IPM


Third IAEA International Conference on Pest ManagementNext week, Russell IPM will be exhibiting at the Third FAO–IAEA International Conference on Area-wide Management of Insect Pests: Integrating the Sterile Insect and Related Nuclear and Other Techniques.

The purpose of the conference, which will take place in Vienna, Austria, between 22nd May and 26th May 2017, is to familiarize participants with new developments, trends and challenges related to insect pest management, both in the fields of agriculture and public health.

As new technical innovations have emerged and are being validated, such as the development of the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) package for mosquitoes, and a better regulatory framework is being adopted for integrating the SIT with other pre- and post-harvest pest management methods, the public demand for more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly pest management methods is increasing.

Russell IPM will demonstrate its own innovative methods for crops protection and sustainable pest management on its stand. As a sponsor to this event, the company hopes to alert policy-makers and phytosanitizers alike to the possibilities of combining IPM solutions with the SIT method.