Russell IPM
Dismate with Renewed License for the UK

Russell IPM is pleased to announce to its British customers that its patented Dismate product has just had its Authorisation Certificate for the UK renewed. To ensure best results with Dismate, please consult one of our team on how to apply.


Dismate is a slow-release straight-chain pheromone product, intended to control certain Lepidoptera moth stored-grain pests by confusing the male’s search for females, thus preventing mating. When used with Russell IPM’s XLure R.T.U. pheromone monitoring traps, it becomes part of an integrated pest management solution. In cases where infestation levels are too high for pheromones alone, judicial use of other pesticides is recommended.
Dismate is a ready to use system which comes in 4 distinctive colour-coded dispensers, making it easy to ensure their correct and timely change. The dispensers release a steady amount of pheromone over 3 months, which overwhelms the male moths’ senses to prevent them from finding and mating with female moths. Dismate is the perfect solution for combating food moths in food processing and manufacturing facilities.