Russell IPM
Lancaster University Centre for Global Eco-Innovation Showcase 2017

Russell IPM will be attending the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation’s Showcase at Lancaster University today, (Wednesday 20th September) at the School of Management’s Hub.

Dr Nayem Hassan, Russell IPM’s Head of R&D, Amanda Mountford, Marketing Assistant and Kathryn Williams, Russell IPM’s collaborator and a PHD student at Lancaster University will be discussing the new project Kathryn is undertaking with the aim to:

  • Stop the transmission of the fatal disease Leishmaniasis by the blood feeding sandfly.
  • Develop a biorational “attract-and-kill” product to control sandflies and reduce the spread of Leishmaniasis.

Representatives will also be showcasing the company’s popular products such as: the Optiroll range of sticky roller traps for bio-rational pest management, the Mothcatcher trap and the unique mating disruption system for stored products, Dismate.