Russell IPM
New doors for British biorationals manufacturer Russell IPM at Fruit Logistica
Russell IPM account Managers negotiating at the stand at Fruit Logistica 2017

Russell IPM account Managers negotiating at the stand at Fruit Logistica 2017

The 25th edition of Fruit Logistica – one of the largest fresh produce trade and logistics show, which takes place annually in February in Berlin attracted about 3000 exhibitors and over 70, 000 international visitors from around the world this year. The show was ever more successful for British manufacturer of biorational solutions for agriculture Russell IPM, as the company made inroads into previously untapped markets, while also meeting new customers from its traditional trading grounds.

Promoting its natural plant growth enhancer and microbial soil booster, Recharge, the Cheshire-based company attracted contracts from growers of greenhouse crops in Eastern Europe. Russell’s British-made pheromone lures and traps that supplement its programmes for integrated pest management generated interest in companies from Russia, Azerbaijan, Greece and Bulgaria. Polish growers of protected crops discussed solutions for the management of thrips, for which Russell IPM offers the award-winning pheromone-infused blue patterned sticky roller traps. Representatives from Africa and Pakistan took a renewed interest in the company’s tested solutions from the management of fruit fly, where the Ceranock and Zonatrac pheromone traps deliver great results, especially when combined with Recharge. Everyone who visited Russell IPM’s stand in the CHA British pavilion this year left with new knowledge and new product samples that can solve their current problem, whether with soil that needs replenishment or with pest invasions in their greenhouses.

Russell IPM strives to deliver innovative and high-quality comprehensive solutions for biorational plant protection and yield enhancement. The company’s success in reaching out to new markets at Fruit Logistica this year is proof that it is able to address some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.