Russell IPM Stored Product Insects

All stages of food production, transit and storage are susceptible to pest infestation and stored food handlers should be proactive in monitoring and protecting against stored product insects. To aid them, Russell IPM has developed a diverse range of trapping and monitoring solutions for the full spectrum of stored product insects.

Our SPI monitoring and trapping systems provide proven performance for pest controllers, hygiene officers, auditors and businesses, to conduct an accurate integrated pest management programme and evaluation. Our products are easy to use, non-toxic and deliver effective results. They are applicable to a range of potential infestation sites, including food processing, storage, distribution facilities and other public health sites. In recognition of our outstanding achievements, Russell IPM has been granted the Queens’s Award for Enterprise: International trade 2011 and the Queens’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, 2012.

Crawling Insect Monitoring SPI Monitoring Mating Disruption

This Xlure group of products are designed to target and monitor the full spectrum of stored product insects. Each Xlure system provides proven performance for pest controllers, hygiene officers, auditors and businesses, ensuring accurate integrated pest management programmes and evaluations are carried out every single time. The Xlure range includes the Multi-Species Trap (Xlure MST), Fabric Insect Trap (Xlure FIT) and the Ham and Hide beetle (Xlure HHB).

The Safestore range includes two trap designs compatible with a range of pheromones for stored product insects. Pheromone specific traps will capture only target insects, meaning identification of trapped insects is quick and easy. The first Safestore trap is a diamond design for flying insects such as the Indian Meal Moth, whilst the second is a pitfall trap designed for monitoring crawling pests such as the Cigarette Beetle.

Dismate PE works by reducing the likelihood of successful mating between stored food product moths such as Plodia and Ephestia. Utilising nature identical sex pheromones, the males are confused and unable to find the females. This results in a rapidly declining population as females fail to mate and produce offspring. Dismate PE does not require factory downtime or leave residues, as is associated with chemical spraying and fumigation. It is a safe, cost-effective and successful means of controlling food moths.