A leading manufacturer for insect pheromone-based monitoring and control

Russell IPM’s core expertise falls within the development of behaviour modifying insect pheromones and natural material based bio-pesticides to provide cutting edge crop protection solutions.
We are a leading manufacturer of products for insect pheromone-based monitoring and control, translating science into innovative products to provide safe, effective and ecologically friendly solutions to the agricultural industry worldwide.

For over 30 years, Russell IPM has developed more than 150 pheromone lures and multiple bio-rational pesticides. As the demand for residue-free fresh produce continues, Russell IPM is committed to help growers achieve the highest levels of safe and cost-effective insect and disease control. As recognition of our outstanding achievements, Russell IPM has been granted the Queens’s Award for Enterprise: International trade 2011 and the Queens’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, 2012.

Ag Traps

Russell IPM have developed an array of traps that have been scientifically optimised for the target insect. Where necessary, our range of traps and monitoring devices are available in a specific colour wavelength and trap pattern to ensure maximum attraction to the target pest. To best serve the agriculture sector, our trap production facilities include an automated multi-species pheromone baited trap manufacturing capability without human touch, wide range of pressure sensitive adhesive coating equipment to incorporate pheromones and attractants into the adhesive layer, an advanced in-house printing facility for custom made products and natural material based bio-pesticide manufacturing facilities.

Pheromone Lures

Pheromones are airborne molecules that trigger a certain response in insects and other living organisms. These chemical signals are released by insects in order to communicate with one another, for example, pests may produce pheromones to attract a mate or alert others to a food source. For over 25 years Russell IPM have been developing nature identical semiochemicals that imitate the pest’s own pheromones. When placed in the field these semiochemicals can be used to attract and lure a target pest to a trap or monitoring device. We produce over 150 pheromone lures that are non-toxic, species specific and effective at relatively low concentrations – making pheromones the biorational and eco-friendly solution to pest problems.


Russell Bio Solutions strives to develop safe and ecologically friendly biorational solutions for sustainable crop management and to minimise the need for blanket pesticide spraying. Our products aim to have minimal impact on the consumer, beneficial insects and the environment, safeguarding the long-term economic and environmental sustainability of food production. Russell Bio Solutions products such as Optiroll and Ceranock offer maximum protection from fruit insect pests whilst leaving 0% residues on fresh produce.