Pest Control

Market leader in providing effective pheromone-based pest monitoring and control solutions

With the demand for nontoxic, cost-effective pest control increasing, Russell IPM is the market leader in providing innovative pest monitoring and control solutions. We develop and produce innovative solutions for professional pest controllers to protect the public’s health.

Our products range from traditional glue- based monitoring traps to rodent solutions including digital technologies. Our steadfast commitment to research and development allows us to maintain our position at the forefront of providing cutting edge, timeless monitoring and control technology with a range of specialist systems. We are able to translate science into customer-focused products that are accurate, effective and economical.

In order to solve any pest problem, accurate identification of the pest species is critical.  Once identified, knowing it’s biology and behaviour can then help plan the most efficient and least toxic method of defeating the infestation and preventing further reoccurrence.

In recognition of outstanding achievements, Russell IPM was granted the Queens’s Award for Enterprise: International trade 2011, the Queens’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, 2012 and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, 2018.


With over 30 years of experience our products are proven to simplify the monitoring and trapping of a range of species including cockroaches, house flies, rodents, wasps, bed bugs and silverfish.

Our products are made with the highest quality cardboard, plastic and glue and are easy to use, non-toxic and deliver effective results. They are applicable to a range of potential infestation sites, including domestic residences, public buildings, retail, food handling and processing facilities.