Russell IPM Pest Control

Russell IPM is a market leader in providing innovative pest monitoring and control solutions. With steadfast commitment to pheromone based research and development, we are able to translate science into customer-focused products that are accurate, effective and economical. As recognition of our outstanding achievements, Russell IPM has been granted the Queens’s Award for Enterprise: International trade 2011 and the Queens’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, 2012.

Our main focus is to provide the professional Pest Control sector with high quality products that simplify the monitoring and trapping of both large and small pests in domestic residences, retail and food handling and processing facilities. Many of our products are independently tested and evaluated for proven performance against a whole host of pests including cockroaches, house flies, rodents and wasps.

Digital Pest Control Traps Lures

The future of pest control is here with iPest and iPest plus. The iPest is a remote rodent monitoring system that collects information on rodents such as time, date, frequency and location of activity and can send updates via email or straight to a smartphone. iPest Plus is paperless pest management software accessible via smartphone, tablet or PC that is able to generate automated pest control surveys and visit reports in seconds. Simply assign a code to a trap or device, scan the code using the free app and complete paperless, professional visit reports effortlessly.

In a range of compact and discreet designs, Russell IPM have developed insect traps that attract and trap an array of pests including cockroaches and other crawling insects. The traps, such as the No30 cockroach monitor and PR11 insect surveillance trap, are easy to assemble and ready to use as they are supplied pre-baited and pre-glued to streamline your pest control service time. The traps are available in a range of sizes depending on the target insect and area of trap placement, as the smaller devices are suitable for monitoring in small spaces.

Russell IPM has produced a range of attractants to lure rodents, insects and other pests to suitable traps and monitoring devices. Our latest selection of rodent lures includes the Snap’Em range of gel attractants. The four flavours will ensure rodents are intrigued irrespective of the setting. The child and pet friendly lures are non-toxic to ensure safe and clean rodent attraction in commercial food premises and even domestic residences. Finally, Russell IPM’s Wasp and Fly lure was specially developed to attract wasps in a way that mimics fruit fermentation, a highly attractive scent for the pests to lure and safely contain them inside the Wasp Trap.