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At Russell IPM, we know that your home is your castle and not something you want to share with pests. Therefore, we strive to protect your home with high quality products that simplify pest management through eco-friendly, cost-effective and safe means.

As a market leader in providing innovative pest monitoring and control solutions with a steadfast commitment to pheromone-based research and development, we are able to translate science into customer-focused products that are accurate, effective and economical. In recognition of our outstanding achievements, Russell IPM has been granted the Queens’s Award for Enterprise: International trade 2011 and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, 2012.


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The Maxlure crawling insect trap is a versatile trap for common problem insects in the home and garden. Our discreet easy to use trap is designed to be placed where problem insects have been seen. Simply assemble the trap into a prism, insert the pheromone ring, unopened, into the centre of the trap and set down in the problem area. The pheromone lure will attract crawling insects and once the pest has entered the trap, the insect will remain contained on the high tack glue surface.

The Maxlure fruit fly trap is a poison-free, discreet and ready to use trap to be used in homes with fruit fly problems. The trap is highly attractive to fruit flies due to the visual stimulants in conjunction with the sweet aromatic lure. This trap can be used in a variety of locations including kitchens, pantries and cupboards

The Maxlure cloth moth trap is a simple, effective and clean method of trapping troublesome cloth moths around your home. Russell IPM has developed a safe trap that is poison-free and easy to use. The trap utilises a combination of non-drying adhesive and moth attractive pheromones to lure and contain common cloth eating moths such as Tineola bisselliella and Tinea pellionella.