An insect bait adjuvant for fruit flies

What is Probandz?

ProBandz® is a natural, safe product containing 54-58% sugars.
ProBandz® is approved for use in the UK with all authorised plant protection products on all edible and non-edible crops, provided that the statutory conditions of use for the pesticide are followed and that the pesticide is not used at more than 50% of the maximum approved rate for that application.

Mode of Action

Probandz® is added to the insecticidal spray mix, stimulating the target pests to feed on the mix.
As a result, the fruit flies ingest a larger dose of insecticide
The flies then die faster which reduces egg-laying and future generations

Target pests


ProBandz® is added at a 5% spray mix rate: 1L ProBandz® per 20L spray
Use a low water volume: 40L spray volume/hectare for soft fruit; 80L spray volume/hectare for tree fruit
Reduce the insecticide rate to 4-8% of the full recommended label rate per hectare
Direct the spray in a band, covering 4-8% of the crop canopy
Direct the spray away from fruit and flowers to reduce pesticide residues on fruit and help preserve pollinators and predators in the flowers
The fast, effective application method reduces the use of insecticides, labour and fuel
We recommend that Probandz® is used as a bait spray, but it may also be added to a full-volume spray application provided that the insecticide rate does not exceed 50% of the full recommended rate.


Experiments in the laboratory, experimental plots, and in commercial crops have shown that Probandz® bait sprays with low insecticide rates are as effective or better than full-rate sprays.



In strawberry tunnels with released spotted wing drosophila, using a bait spray of Probandz® with a reduced rate (4%) of insecticide was equally effective as using the full-rate of insecticide in a high-volume spray, reducing SWD numbers by approximately 80%.

Strawberry field trial treatments

  Control Bait Spray


Full rate spray
Nozzle Type N/A Lechler nozzle type

IDK 120-015

Orange Albuz hollow cone
Droplet Size N/A 340 micron droplets 154-225 microns droplets
Spray cover No sprays  20 cm band per double row Entire canopy
Water volume N/A Low volume (40 L/ha) High volume (500L/ha)
Insecticide rate (alternating weekly between two pesticides) N/A Tracer: 8 ml/ha Tracer: 200 ml/ha
N/A Exirel: 36 ml/ha Exirel: 900 ml/ha

Strawberry trial results

Trials were supported by NIAB, Microbiotech, Berry Gardens, Russell IPM, and Innovate UK.

Benefits of ProBandz®

Highly Effective:

Equal or improved fruit fly control with up to 96% reduction in insecticide use

Saves Money:

The recommended bait treatment approximately halves the cost of active ingredients


Fewer insecticide residues in fruit (*11% reduction in field trial)

Saves Water:

8 times less spray applied

Saves Time:

*85% reduction in the time taken to apply the bait sprays, saving fuel and labour costs

IPM Compatible:

The insecticide spray mix can be directed away from flowers, to reduce impact on pollinators and natural enemies.

* Estimates based on replicated field trials carried out by Microbiotech and NIAB-EMR


Tree Fruit
Cane Fruit


2 litres of Probandz® in 40 litres of spray volume per hectare in soft fruit, including strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, currants, blueberry and grapes
4 litres of Probandz® in 80 litres of spray volume per hectare in sweet and sour cherry