Research & Development

In order to maintain our position as a leading manufacturer of biological control products, Russell IPM know that research and development is key to producing ground breaking technology that protects the food supply chain. By investing in research today, we can help protect the worlds’ food tomorrow, taking the critical steps from lab to field.

Russell IPM has been a commercial partner in the DEFRA Link project, the Innovate UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB) projects, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) and FP7 (EU) projects concerning the development of insect attractant release control technologies. These university-business links ensure our objectives are translated from research and company ambitions into real solutions for the agricultural sector.

Year on year our research and development generates new technology that fulfils our customer needs and enables us to develop the most promising products. Russell IPM has been the commercial partner in DEFRA (UK), KTP (UK) and EU funded projects concerning the development of multi-species attractant and pheromone release control technology.

Smart Technologies

The University of Buckingham is working in collaboration with Russell IPM to develop communication technologies and advanced SMART traps for the monitoring of agricultural pests. This KTP funded project will develop technology that aims to satisfy the new EU Sustainable Use Directive. The technology will provide farmers with digitised and accurate pest population levels to assist in decision-making in a timely and precise manner.

The precision monitoring tool will utilise insect pheromones to lure target pests into the device. Once trapped, insects will be photographed and automatically counted. Additionally, the project aims to develop software that will detect the insect species based on unique anatomical identifiers. The data collected will then be communicated over an IoT network to a host server where it will inform farmers of infestation risks. The project is ongoing and Russell IPM are extremely pleased to have the knowledge and experience of their partners at the University of Buckingham.