Biological fungicide reveals disease resistance in Cameroon

Russell Bio solutions has developed an effective microbial fungicide, Dynamic WP. It is a powerful broad-spectrum biological fungicide and bactericide that can be applied to a wide range of crops to suppress fungal diseases.

Other target diseases include wheat smut, Fusarium root rot, Banana Panama and Sigatoka disease, powdery mildew, early and late blight, and diseases caused by Botrytis, Alternaria, and Rhizoctonia. Dynamic is based on Bacillus amyloliq- uefaciens strain D203 wettable powder (WP), formulation. The spore count in Dynamic is spore1x108 cfu/gram (cfu = colony forming units). The recommended application rate is 500 g/ha as a preventa- tive and 2 kg/ha as a curative.