Efficiency of some safe methods in controlling Stegobium paniceum on Capsicum minimum plant 

Rasha A Zinhoum, Amira AKH Negm, Samia M Abd-El Hameed, Amira Afify

International Journal of Entomology Research 

Abstract: Stegobium paniceum (L.) is a dangerous pest of stored products. It’s the most common storage insect pest found in botanicals. The drugstore beetle infests various dried herbs and medicinal plants. Alternatives for control insect pests in grain handling and packing units are basic to keep up the characteristics of the product and decrease environmental impact. microwave heating efficacy was investigated as fumigation with phosphine or by applying protective organophosphate and parathyroid insecticides alternatives for controlling S. paniceum. Results indicated DNA damage in the whole body cells of both sexes of S. paniceum by microwave radiation exposure to LT50. Also; results indicated the effect of microwave doses that caused 100 % mortality on chemical characteristics of hot pepper.