Pepper weevil, Anthonomus eugenii

Pepper weevils attack plants in the family Solanaceae, including pepper, tomato and potato. It occurs in Central America, the Caribbean and the Southern United States and has spread to Europe. Infestation can result in heavy crop losses in pepper crops. An adult female will lay five to seven eggs per day, totalling 341 on average. Larvae emerge after three to five days and bore into buds and fruit, then pupate within the fruit or blossom. Total development lasts 20-30 days. Adults survive for several months, and are able to fly long distances to find hosts. In optimal conditions pepper weevils have up to eight generations per year. Adults should be monitored using yellow pepper weevil Impact traps with pheromones lures in order to time treatments as part of an effective integrated pest management programme.
Pepper Weevil


Nature of Damage