Mediterranean Flour Moth, Ephestia Kuehniella

The Mill moth, Ephestia kuehniella is one of the most serious stored grain pests within the food industry.

E. kuehniella is a major economic insect of corn milling plants, grout mills, bakeries and other gain processing sites. The mill moth is believed to have originated from India but is now found within populations worldwide. It is common pest in flour mills and bakeries, where the moths are to be found resting on walls and windows by day. The species is rarely found outdoors and moths can be found any time but are unlikely to be present during extreme cold periods.

Mediterranean Flour Moth

The Mediterranean flour moth, Indian flour moth or mill moth is a moth of the family Pyralidae. Ephestia kuehniella is a common pest of dry plant produce and is found around the world where it feeds primarily on dry cereals and other grains causing significant damage to the food product.