Integrated control of Ephestia cautella (Walker) in a confectionary factory

Savoldelli, S,, Süss, L.

Abstract: In a confectionary factory, integrated pest-management techniques were used for 12 months. Ephestia cautella is the major pest in this industry. Its presence was monitored using pheromone traps and water traps. The most critical areas were identified and water traps were better at identifying these areas than pheromone traps. Intensive cleaning and structural improvements were carried out when necessary. Water traps have been used as a mass trapping system because they catch both males and females. Catches in water traps showed a decrease in population density after 8-9 months. In a confined area, a mating disruption system was applied to interfere with moth mating. Most females caught with water traps were mated, although in the area where mating disruption was applied, the percentage of unmated females was higher compared with areas where mating disruption was not used.