“Push Pull”using nature’s tool to redress the balance

“Push-Pull” using nature’s tool to redress the balance

Western Flower Thrips, Spotted Wing Drosophila

Tuta Absoluta

Blueberry Midge



Pear sucker

“Push-Pull” uses nature’s own signals to improve pest management

Push-pull” is a novel strategy using semiochemical signals to improve management of agricultural pests.

MagiPal is a natural enemy attractant that “pulls” natural enemies into the crop. These important natural enemies contribute to the management of target pests. MagiPal is natural repellent that “pushes” pests away from the crop.

Qlure pheromones or kairomones “pull” pests onto or into a range of Russell IPM traps that are designed to maximise the catch specific pest species.

The push-pull strategy typically reduces pest numbers and crop damage by 40%-80% in fields trials. It is effective in a wide range of crops, against several species of pests from different orders of insects, including moths, flies, beetles, bugs, aphids, whiteflies and thrips.

Benefits of push-pull pest management

The push-pull pest management strategy has been tested in replicated field trials and has made an important contribution to integrated pest management programmes

Improved pest management

Improved natural enemy establishment

Reduced crop damage

Effective in vegetable, tree, protected crops

Effective against many pest species

How to use push-pull strategy 

Use as part of an integrated pest management programme. From planting, add MagiPal sachets in a grid pattern throughout the crop at 100-120 per hectare (10m between sachets). MagiPal attracts natural enemies into the crop.

Place traps containing pheromones or kairomones around the edge of the crop, or according to specific recommendations for each pest-trap-lure combination.

Monitor weekly throughout the crop.

If hot-spots occur, add further sachets into the affected area.

Replace the MagiPal sachets after 3 months, or before, if the attractant has finished.

Intervene with further crop protection methods if the crop damage threshold is reached.

In-house field trials 

Dr Clare Sampson & Rachel Turner completed an SWD push-pull trials in Northop Woods.

Adding MagiPal (every 10 m) to the plots increased the trap catch (Suzukii traps) by x1.5, but did not increase the non-target insects.

Therefore another pest to target with the push-pull strategy