Prevalence of grain insect pests in milled rice stored in public warehouses

Dr. SVS Gopala Swamy, S Vishnuvardhan and B John Wesley 

Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies 

Received: 08-06-2020 Accepted: 12-08-2020 

Abstract: A study was conducted to know about various insect pests associated with rice stored in public warehouses i.e., at FCI, Nalgonda and SWC, Vadlakonda, Telangana state and CWC, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh State during the period 2014 to 2016. The data indicated the prevalence of red flour beetle, T. castaneum throughout the year in higher numbers in stored parboiled rice as well as raw rice. In addition, the populations of psocids in parboiled rice and rusty grain beetle in raw rice were also found creating problem. At CWC, Machilipatnam, there were three spurts observed in the population of Triboliumwith the mean number of insects per trap 161.0 during 1st fortnight of July; 186.0 during 1st fortnight of September; and 98.0 during 1st fortnight of December, 2015. While there were three peaks in the population of flat grain beetle with the mean number of insects per trap 98.75 during 1st fortnight of April, followed by 61.25 during 1st fortnight of December, 2015 and 63.25 during 1st fortnight of February, 2016. The study suggests the predominance of these insects throughout the year in rice stored at warehouses in spite of all the prophylactic and control measures taken up on schedule basis.