Actiroll provides improved whitefly trap catch

Actiroll is the latest sticky roller trap from Russell IPM. The mass trapping tool was developed following continuous development of industry standard roller traps to find the most attractive colour wavelengths for whitefly and aphid management.

Benefits of the Actiroll
  • Leaves 0% residues on fresh produce.
  • Doubles whitefly trap catch.
  • Reduces the need for pesticide spraying.
  • Compatible with IPM programmes.

Suitable for temperate climates, Actiroll has been rigorously tested in commercial glasshouse crop and the improved material and colour of the traps has been scientifically proven to double the trap catch of whiteflies.

Trials demonstrated that Actiroll and the leading competitor roll caught significantly more whiteflies than other sticky roller traps with no significant difference between the trap catch of the Actiroll and the leading competitor roll.

Furthermore, as pesticide resistance occurs rapidly in aphids and whitefly, the use of chemicals has resulted in further destruction than would have occurred without the treatment. Actiroll is the biorational solution that lessens the chemical burden on crops.

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