The biorational solution for Tuta absoluta

Antario is a biorational insecticide that controls the tomato leaf miner and other lepidopteran pests through two synergistic modes of action that work to protect tomato, potato, aubergine and other vegetables.
Benefits of Antario
  • Safe and biodegradable blend of biopesticides
  • Fast and effective control of larvae
  • Dual impact on the inner and outer layers of leaves
  • Low human and environmental toxicity

Why use Antario?

Antario is a potent biopesticide containing a highly selective active ingredient based on Bt, which makes the product fatal to lepidopteran pests without harming beneficial insects, pollinators, birds or wildlife. Antario is a safe and effective means of controlling leaf miners such as Tuta absoluta in crops and it is compatible with most integrated pest management programmes. The insecticide works both inside and outside of the leaf to control larvae that may be feeding internally or externally.