Biomax is a powerful microbial-based pesticide

Kill pests on contact with a biorational alternative to chemical pesticides. Biomax is a powerful microbial-based pesticide which kills insect pests on contact. This broad spectrum control agent works to paralyse the pests such as sucker and borer insects including the brinjal shoot and fruit borer, bean pod borer, red spider mite, white fly, aphid and mealybug.
Benefits of Biomax
  • Natural biopesticide based on microbial extracts
  • Provides long lasting residual protection on the upper layer of the leaf
  • Limits conventional pesticide application
  • Safe and environmentally-friendly formula

Why use Biomax?

Biomax works to control both the adult and egg forms of key insect pests including mites and borers. Adult mortality is often instantaneous following contact and eggs are found inactive after 72 hours following exposure to the biopesticide.

The fast-working action of Biomax on eggs and adults make this a powerful solution to protect a range of crops including brinjal/aubergine, tomato, beans, peas, tea and many other crops affected by mites and borer pests..