The biorational solution for Tuta absoluta control

Biotrine is a powerful solution to control leaf miner pests such as Tuta absoluta in tomato, aubergine, potato and other vegetable crops. Biotrine is an eco-friendly solution that biodegrades for safe and sustainable crop protection.
Benefits of Biotrine
  • Natural solution for sucker and borer pests
  • Provides translaminar activity
  • Advanced formulation of abamectin
  • Eco-friendly solution

Why use Biotrine?

Biotrine’s synergistic formula works to control insect pests through its translaminar action that penetrates the leaf surface and reaches pests within the leaf layer. The bio-formula biodegrades rapidly to reduce wait time before harvesting and leave minimal residues in the environment.

The larvacide is most potent against the 1st and 2nd larval instars of the pest, whilst also helping to control adult moths and other pests such as the red spider mite, the brinjal fruit and shoot borer and the bean pod borer.

Integrated Pest Management

Biotrine works most effectively when used as part of an integrated pest management programme. Russell IPM recommend Biotrine be used in conjunction with the Recharge soil treatment to tackle soil dwelling pupae and Antario to protect against the early stages of infestation.

Biotrine is not available in all countries. Contact us to find out more. Always read the label and product information before use. Use all bio-products safely.