California Red Scale Sticky Trap

Monitor and trap Aonidiella aurantii pests simply and effectively with California red scale sticky boards

California red scale pests feed on the fruit, leaves and branches of target hosts. The affected fruit is typically downgraded and very severe infestations can result in fruit drop and even tree death. Russell IPM have developed California red scale sticky boards to enable efficient monitoring and trapping of the pest to minimise damage and assist growers in gaining control. Monitoring for pests should be at the forefront of all pest management programmes, as early diagnosis will minimise crop destruction and increase the likelihood.

Benefits of sticky boards
  • High tack adhesive layer.
  • Ideal for quick and simple monitoring.
  • Comes with grid pattern for ease of counting.

Russell IPM’s sticky glue traps enable simple and effective monitoring of the California red scale pest.  Use in conjunction with the Califronia red scale pheromone attractant to maximise insect catch and be alerted to the presence of unwanted pests at an early stage, detecting the A. aurantii pests before they become a major problem to enable timely and effective treatment.