Dismate PE Overview

Dismate PE is a powerful, non-toxic mating disruption system used to combat food moths in food processing and manufacturing facilities. Dismate PE has provided effective moth control in manufacturing facilities across Europe, for over 20 years. By reducing the likelihood of successful mating, Dismate PE rapidly and substantially decreases the resident population of food moths such as Plodia and Ephestia species and prevents subsequent populations from becoming established.

When applied as recommended, Dismate PE can permanently remove and prevent moth infestations in food processing and storage premises.

  • A non-toxic, safe and effective, year-round system that disrupts mating without the use of harmful chemicals or fumigation.
  • A steady release of pheromones over three months.
  • The pheromones cause sensory overload in the male moth antennae and compete with pheromone plumes produced by female moths, making males unable to locate females for mating.
  • A preventative and curative solution without the need for downtime.
  • Specially designed to control the key moth species which affect the food industry.
  • The dispensers come in four distinctive primary colours, one for each season of the year, to serve as a reminder of when to change them.
  • Both the dispensers and cable ties are metal detectable.
  • The system is available with wall brackets or just cable ties for easy installation.
Target insects

Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella;
Mediterranean flour moth, Ephestia kuehniella;
Tropical warehouse moth, Ephestia cautella;
Tobacco moth, Ephestia elutella

Where to use

Mills, bakeries, pasta manufacturers, pantries, grocery stores, supermarkets, food processing, storage facilities and pet food stores.

Product codes

PH-728-DIS98-R – Red Dismate with wall brackets – Unit of 1
PH-728-DIS98-Y – Yellow Dismate with wall brackets – Unit of 1
PH-728-DIS98-G – Green Dismate with wall brackets – Unit of 1
PH-728-DIS98-B – Blue Dismate with wall brackets – Unit of 1
PH-728-DIS98R-R – Red Dismate without wall brackets – Unit of 1
PH-728-DIS98R-Y – Yellow Dismate without wall brackets – Unit of 1
PH-728-DIS98R-G – Green Dismate without wall brackets – Unit of 1
PH-728-DIS98R-B – Blue Dismate without wall brackets – Unit of 1

Codes above are for single units.
For packs of five please use 000 instead of PH