The solar powered light trap designed to control Tuta absoluta

Ferolite utilises a specific wavelength of light in combination with sex pheromones to lure Tuta moths into the water-based trap. The plastic base is simply filled with water and a thin layer of oil to trap and contain the pests without the use of toxic chemicals or pesticides.

Benefits of Ferolite
  • Simple to install and easy to use.
  • Use over several seasons due to strong, robust material.
  • Attracts both male and female moth species.
  • Use with any solid pheromone lure.

Ferolite traps are an innovative mass monitoring and trapping tools for moths, such as Tuta absoluta, and other flying pest species, including thrips. Ferolite is a self-contained and ready to use, solar-powered trap which incorporates a specific wavelength of light that is attractive to moths and programmed to come on when moths are most active. Sex pheromone lures are added for species-specific attraction

Water is added to the base, together with some liquid soap or vegetable oil to trap the moths. Moths are attracted to the trap by the pheromone lure and attractive light, before dropping into the trap. Ferolite traps can be reused for many seasons, with a sturdy design and solar-powered light. The trap is simple to set up and use, and cost-effective to maintain. For Tuta absoluta, use 20 to 25 traps per hectare spacing the traps about traps at about 15m apart. Replace the pheromone lures every 4 to 6 weeks.