FlyCatcher Trap

International Pheromone McPhail Trap for monitoring and containment of fruit fly species

Russell IPM’s FlyCatcher (McPhail) traps have been developed to be highly effective at trapping a range of fruit fly species. The weatherproof casing is designed for use with pheromone lures for monitoring and mass trapping of flying insects.
The traps are hardwearing and can be used for several seasons. Additionally, as the entry point is below the trap, the FlyCatcher is suitable for outdoor environments that may experience high levels of dust and other debris.

Benefits of the FlyCatcher trap
  • Durable and hardwearing for both indoor and outdoor trapping.
  • Clear casing allows ease of monitoring and identification.
  • Robust trap can be used for several seasons.

The flycatcher trap is designed for the monitoring and mass trapping of fruit fly (Drosophila and Tephritid) species. The yellow colour of the base is attractive to many fly species. The flycatcher’s dome-shaped transparent top makes it easier to see the flies for quick and effective monitoring. Attractant lures or baits are added to the traps to attract the flies into the traps. Flycatchers are robust, easy to set up, maintain and monitor in both protected and outdoor crops.

Start trapping well before the fruit starts to ripen until after the end of harvest. In tree crops, hang the traps about 15-20m apart at a height of 1.5-2m in the south side of the canopy leaving them visible to the flies.