Improve plant productivity and growth whilst controlling key insect pests

Plants in protected cultivation such as greenhouses may collect dust on the leaf surface that dull appearance and reduce photosynthetic ability. Fytoclean can overcome this by cleaning plants to ensure they are able to work and grow at full capacity. This special product contains potassium salt and fatty acids to clean the leaf surface, as well as disrupting the life cycle of the soft bodied insect.

Fytoclean successfully targets larvae to achieve pest population control through the action of an insecticidal soap. The formula contains a potassium salt with fatty acids from plant oils and other biological material, which upon ingestion or contact with the insect will prevent development of the cuticle and cause cellular dehydration, resulting in eventual death.

Benefits of Fytoclean
  • Cleans the plant surface to refresh and revitalise.
  • Boosts plant photosynthetic ability.
  • No preharvest interval.
  • Biorational and safe insecticidal soap.
  • Biodegrades rapidly leaving no harmful residues on fresh produce.

Why choose Fytoclean?

Fytoclean is a horticultural soap which works to clean the plant’s surface of dust and other particulates to maximise photosynthetic ability, providing plants with the energy to grow and produce fruit. Additionally, Fytoclean helps to control insect populations by causing cellular dehydration upon larval ingestion. The formulation also works to disrupt the cuticle of soft-bodied insects which eventually leads to death.