Colour optimised sticky glue traps for control of various greenhouse pests

Russell IPM Impact board traps attract and trap a wide range of insect pests. Each trap type is a specific colour, designed and tested to maximise the attraction and catch of the most important pest species.

The traps can be used in high temperature, high humidity environments and the adhesive is UV-light stable, making them ideal for use within glasshouse and polytunnel crops as well as outside. They have a convenient peel-off paper cover, ensuring that the product is easy-to-use and easy to hang out. The grid printed on one side is a guide to help with counting the insects.

Benefits of the Impact board red
  • Scientifically optimised colour matrix to maximise pest catch rate whilst reducing attraction to beneficial insects.
  • High tack adhesive layer.
  • Ideal for quick and simple monitoring.

Customised Sizing: Please contact us to find out more about our size customisation option.

Red Impact Boards are designed to attract and trap spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii), leaf hopper species (e.g. Empoasca spp.) and gall midges (e.g. Dasineura oxicoccana). For monitoring spotted wing drosophila (SWD), combine Impact trap red with our long-lasting SWD lure. It is easier and more convenient to assess SWD on Impact boards than by sieving through liquid lures, as the flies can be seen immediately.

Before cropping, place the traps on posts or plants at about 1 m above ground, at 5 m intervals around the edge of the crop to reduce invasion from outside the crop. Once the crop is fruiting, monitor using one trap per 200m2 throughout the crop. For monitoring spotted wing drosophila, combine this product with Russell IPM’s innovative, long-lasting SWD lure for effective capture.