iPest Plus – How the App Works

Step One
Assign each facility or each individual trap a unique barcode and report template.
Step Two
Using a smartphone, open the iPest Plus app and scan the barcode.
Step Three
Complete the questions on the audit and create a report
Step Four
Sign and close the visit.
Step Five
The report can be pushed to managers and clients and will be stored securely in the online cloud.

For more information contact the iPest team:
Call: +44 (0)1244 833 955
Email: ipest@russellipm.com

Support and Training

The iPest team will provide you with complete support during installation and throughout the life of the product.

Time saving & cost cutting

iPest plus will enable your team to speed up the reporting process and reduce paperwork. All pest control surveys and audits can be completed via the smartphone app, enabling form filling with the swipe of a finger.

Professional management

The site report templates can be customised to suit your business needs. Changes made will occur site-wide to encourage standardisation of procedures across site surveys for every member of your team.

Eradicate paperwork

All data is accessible via a web portal where you can authorise client access, view historical data and make use of the trend analysis reporting tool. All reports are stored securely and will remain in an easy to use logbook.