Lureking Cockroach Monitor Corner

Russell IPM’s Lureking corner trap is the smaller of two highly effective, premium monitors for cockroaches. The traps are pre-baited, easy to assemble and ready to use.

  • Highly effective
  • Safe, clean and easy to use
  • Insecticide free and non-toxic
  • Intergrated specially formulated attractant
  • Made with high quality cardboard and pressure sensitive glue
  • Compact trap for placement in difficult to reach places
  • Small and discreet, can be hidden behind or beneath equipement and furniture
  • Two large entry points onto glue patch
  • Fits easily into a corner
  • Double sided tape included to secure to a surface or wall if preffered
Target Insects

German cockroach, Blatella germanic; Oriental cockroach, Blatta orientalis; American cockroach, Periplaneta american; Australian cockroach, Periplaneta australasiae

Where to use

Homes, offices, warehouses, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels, cruise ships, food storage and processing facilities.

Product code


Lure King No12

Pack of 50 x 2 Box of 100  ( 3 traps per strip)


Separate the traps into three by folding along the perforation lines and pulling apart. Peel off the protective paper from the sticky base. Form the trap shape by inserting slot A into slot B. As the trap is pre-baited it is ready to use.

Place the trap where infestation is suspected, ensuring it is in a convenient place to check regularly. The traps can be secured to walls and skirting boards using the double sided tape provided if required.

Replace every 6-8 weeks unless the trap is full earlier.

Store in a cool, dry place in their packaging for a shelf life of 24 months.