A biorational insecticide for the control of Date Palm pests

Matrixine is a biorational insecticide for the control of insect pests of the Date palm and other crops. It contains Oxymatrine which is a naturally occurring compound found in the root of the sophora plant root. The compound has a strong antifeedant effect as well as contact toxicity for certain insect pests, protecting the crop and helping to control infestations.

In addition, the action of azadirachtin in combination with the neem oil works synergistically to inhibit oviposition, sterilise eggs and reduce the fitness and longevity of affected pests.
Benefits of Maxitrine
  • Leaves no residues on fresh produce.
  • Based on naturally occurring plant compounds.
  • Safe for beneficial insects.
  • Limits need for conventional toxic chemical pesticides.

Why use Maxitrine?

Matrixine controls target pests by contact or by ingestion. Treated insects stop feeding quickly, preventing the pests from further damaging the trees. Matrixine leaves a protective layer on the leaves of plants and makes the crop less attractive to pests.

Matrixine can be used to protect date palms, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, peppers, beans, aubergine, brassicas, soft fruits and pome fruit. It can be used on both open field and protected cultivars.

Safe and effective biocontrol methods

Matrixine is a highly effective insecticide that is safe to use on crops and in the presence of beneficial insects. The product is suitable for use as part of an IPM programme and can lessen the requirement for toxic chemical pesticides, to provide a safe and effective addition other biocontrol methods.

Matrixine’s target insects include the dubas bug, lesser date moth and the date palm dust mite that attack the Date palm.

Matrixine is not available in all countries. Contact us to find out more. Always read the label and product information before use. Use all bio-products safely.

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