MAXIfly Trap

Russell IPM’s MAXIfly fly trap is an advanced, high capacity and highly effective fly trap designed to control fly populations. Use throughout the fly season, mainly outdoors to mass trap and control irritating flies in problem areas.

This trap is re-usable and should be emptied when full. MAXIdry is provided to enable a swift and hygienic emptying procedure whilst maximising water retention within the soil it is disposed of. The MAXIfly fly trap should then be recharged with MAXIbait and replaced.


MAXIfly fly trap is suitable for outdoor use. Add water to the base of the trap. Add MAXIbait to the water. This mixture will start to ferment and become effective within 24 hours.

MAXIfly can be hung in trees, bushes or hung on the wall. It can be used in gardens, farms and workplaces or as a professional pest control product for fly problems.

Once the trap is full simply pour in a sachet of the MAXIdry and stir until the water has solidified. Once all the water has been absorbed, empty the contents into your garden soil or compost heap. This will help build water retention within your soil.


At the end of the season, MAXIfly should be thoroughly cleaned and dried to be placed in storage until the next season.

Trap Handling

When the trap is not in use, store it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

  • The chimney effect of the trap spreads the attraction of the MAXIbait over a wide area thus increasing the efficiency of the trap
  • Uses a lure that has been specifically developed to attract flies
  • Unique soil conditioning feature when MAXIdry is used to empty the trap
  • Sustainable
  • Highly effective and easy to use
  • Non toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Lifetime guarantee on the trap body and lid

The disadvantage of not using MAXIfly fly trap is that other traps available on the market offer only poor catches and are messy and difficult to empty and recharge, sometimes involving replacement parts, and in some cases the whole trap needs to be replaced.

The MAXIfly fly traps are available (depending on location) directly from Russell IPM Ltd or one of our partners or distributors across the world.

Detailed instructions come with the MAXIfly trap and MSDS & TDS sheets are available on request or through the website. Online and telephone support regarding this product is also available direct from Russell IPM Ltd.

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