Optiroll Super White Plus


Why choose this Trap?

Roller traps are designed specifically to attract the blueberry gall midge, Dasineura oxycoccana, and thrips species as both are important pests in blueberry crops.  The traps incorporate an encapsulated formulation of the female sex pheromone of blueberry gall midge into the glue layer of the trap.  The pheromone is highly attractive and specific, attracting males to the trap. The addition of a blue pattern on the white roller traps increase the rolls attraction to thrips, which are attracted to both white and blue and stick to its adhesive surface.  Detecting invasions early and precision monitoring of populations are crucial parts of integrated pest management (IPM) programmes.

Effective Monitoring 

Use in blueberry crops.  Hang the roller traps between greenhouse posts throughout the crop from planting for the best effect. Place the rolls with the base of the trap about 20cm above the ground (or 20 cm above the top of the pot in pot-grown blueberry).

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