Pheronet IMM

Pheronet IMM is an economical trap for moths that incorporates a semio-chemical solution. Pheronet is designed to be used in many different locations, ranging from tobacco warehouses to food processing plants, to commercial and residential properties.

Pheronet acts as a warning system to detect infestations at an early stage. It is ideal for monitoring meal moth favoured premises, where cereals, pulses and their derivative foods may be stored.

Pheronet is very effective in trapping moth populations without the need for pesticides. It operates around the clock with a minimal service requirement. The trap works by attracting the male moth to the female insect sex pheromone, which is incorporated into the adhesive layer of the trap. This pheromone remains active for over four weeks.

Trap Application

Pheronet traps are prebaited with pheromones to attract 6 species of common stored product insects. They are small and discreet and can be tucked away out of sight under or on top of shelves, or hung from the ceiling in storage areas.

Trap Storage
Pheronet is constructed from craft board with glue protected by a silicone release paper.
The lure in Pheronet attracts Plodia interpunctella, the Indian meal moth, and Ephestia spp.
* Inspect Weekly
* Change when full or within 30 days maximum
* Use 1 trap every 100 sq.ft
* Use more traps near high catch areas
* Can be used at low or high level surfaces
Trap Handling

How to use Pheronet

Place near where you can detect moth activity, preferably on top shelves where traps cannot be disturbed. Make sure that there are no objects blocking the entrances. One trap should cover about 80 square foot (room 9 x 9ft)

How to service Pheronet

Do nothing apart from inspecting regularly (once a week). Remove and replace the trap every four weeks or earlier if it gets full before that. For an average shop, two traps in the shop and one in the store could be sufficient. If traps get full too quickly, you may consider placing extra traps to help removing the moths more than twice the recommended rate above, in any case.

What else can be done?

Always adopt a good hygiene program. If problem persists you may seek the help of your local pest control company. Your Pheronet will be a device to alert you if the problem starts again.