Qlure Overview

The Qlure is a species-specific pheromone lure that can be used with a variety of traps to target different species, including beetles, weevils and moths.

The powerful pheromone lure comes with a food lure providing additional attraction for effective monitoring.

  • Pheromones and dispensers individually designed for the most effective, stable release.
  • Specific sex pheromones can be selected to target species of interest.
  • Dispensers come as tubes, vials/rings, or rubber septas dependant on the pheromone selected, enabling effective release.
  • Insecticide free and non-toxic.
  • Early warning for potential infestations.
  • A food lure is added to enhance attraction of longer-lived feeding insects.
Target insects

A choice of pheromone lures from a selection of insect species.

Where to use

Location depends on the pheromone chosen and for which insect detection is required.

Product codes

CAT-QLURE-BB – Biscuit beetle lure – 1 lure
CAT-QLURE-CB – Cigarette beetle lure – 1 lure
CAT-QLURE-CFB – Confused flour beetle lure – 1 lure
CAT-QLURE-KB – Khapra beetle lure – 1 lure
CAT-QLURE-WCM – Webbing clothes moth lure – 1 lure
CAT-QLURE-SIT – Grain weevil/Rice weevil lure – 1 lure