Rat and Mouse Lure is a highly effective non-toxic rodent attractant. The lure is based on a blend of food-grade material designed specifically to attract shy rats and mice. 

Rat and mouse lure is long lasting and can be used all year round. Rat and mouse lure is highly effective when used in conjunction with glue boards, live animal traps, snap traps and other rat and mouse catch units. Each tube is sufficient for approximately 80 doses when used in a gel gun.


Russell IPM rat and mouse lure is designed to used in all circumstances and can be used with a variety of rat traps and mouse traps. Simply apply a small dose (approximately 2g) on to the desired area. The rat and mouse lure is designed to work even when dried out.

Rat and mouse lure can also be used in our Ram box and Biosnap rat and mouse boards.


Store in refrigerated conditions to prolong shelf life. Follow instructions on label.

Trap Handling

Protect exposed skin from contact with the lure. Handle with care.

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