Beneficial microbial soil treatment designed to revitalise the soil and improve plant vigour

Recharge is a specialised soil amendment product that can improve and rebuild poor soils whilst supporting plant growth. Recharge is composed of naturally-occurring beneficial soil micro-organisms and plant nutrients.
Benefits of Recharge
  • Restores soil back to full health.
  • Boosts the plant’s Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR).
  • Increases plant nutrient absorption to boost growth and vigour.
  • Re-establishes the soil microbial fauna to provide a healthy environment that encourages growth of natural enemies.

Why choose Recharge?

The multiple modes of action offered by Recharge produce healthier plants and higher yields. The product results in the need for less fertiliser, pesticide and water use due to the plant’s enhanced ability to defend itself against pests, disease and environmental stresses. This helps the farmer to protect crops more cost-effectively and in a chemical-free way. Use of Recharge will help growers to achieve the MRL set by supermarkets or Global GAP.

Recharge can greatly enhance the effectiveness of integrated pest management programmes and is compatible with many biorational control programmes. It is particularly successful when utilised in combination with biopesticides including Antario and Biotrine from Russell IPM, providing vital background protection to the crop against invasive pests and diseases.

Recharge can prevent Tuta absoluta from establishing harmful population levels in tomato fields by deploying nature’s own weapons – recharging the soil with the same beneficial organisms that nature uses to keep insect populations in balance.

Best results can be achieved in areas where the Tuta absoluta pest has recently arrived and the population has just begun to build up. Recharge can stop the population from growing to a harmful level and will slow down the advance of the pest to further areas. As Recharge is based on natural living organisms, which can grow and multiply in the soil, one simple application provides sustainable and cost-effective season long protection.

Large scale trials in Africa have demonstrated that fields protected by Recharge required substantially less pesticides, saving farmers considerable cost and reducing the risk to consumer health associated with the over-use of pesticides.