Roachmaster Traps and Replaceable Inserts Overview

Simple and effective plastic traps for the continuous monitoring of cockroaches.

The Roachmaster traps come in two sizes with a choice of either replaceable pre-baited adhesive carboard liners or non pre-baited cardboard liners.

Small and Large cockroach tablets are available to buy separately.

  • Durable, sturdy and reusable plastic trap body.
  • Waterproof.
  • Available in two sizes, small (110x80x17 mm) and large (212x100x17 mm) (LxWxD).
  • Closing pins secure trap catch.
  • Slim design, ideal for sliding under cupboards
  • Insecticide free and non toxic.
  • A choice of plastic or high quality cardboard replaceable inserts available
  • A choice of non drying glue inserts with attractant tablets or pre-baited with pheromones.
Target insects

German cockroach, Blatella germanic;
Oriental cockroach, Blatta orientalis;
American cockroach, Periplaneta american;
Australian cockroach, Periplaneta australasiae

Where to use

Homes, offices, warehouses, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels and cruise ships, food storage and processing facilities.

  • Remove protective paper from the cardboard insert.
  • Open plastic trap and place cardboard insert inside.
  • If the glue is not pre-baited already, place the lure in the centre of the trap and click shut to secure.
Where to place / Distance

Place the trap where infestation is suspected, ensuring it is in a convenient place to check regularly.


Replace every 6-8 weeks unless trap is full earlier.


Store the cardboard inserts in a cool, dry place in their packaging for a shelf life of 24 months.

Product codes

CAT-REPL-W – Insect monitors large in white – Box of 50
CAT-REPS-B – Insect monitors small in black – Box of 100
CAT-REPL-PB – Pre-baited glue boards for roachmaster large – box of 250
CAT-REPL-GBD – Glue boards for roachmaster large – box of 250
CAT-PB-CR-PGB-5980 – Blank pre-baited glue boards for roachmaster small – Box of 1000
CAT-CGB-5980 – Card glue board 59x80mm (005) for roachmaster small – Box of 1000
CAT-SSPB-CR-PGB-5980 – Safestore detectable pre-baited glue boards for roachmaster small – Box of 1000
CAT-R33 – Small cockroach tablets – Box of 1000
CAT-R22 – Large cockroach tablets – Box of 1000