Safeguard is a small and secure mouse bait box. 

Safeguard is a lockable unit safe to be used around children, pets and in and around the work place. It is highly durable and shock resistant.


The Safeguard mouse bait box is made from a highly durable plastic making it suitable for all applications.

Simply open the safeguard box, place suitable bait in either or both bait holders and close firmly. The safeguard mouse bait box is secure and requires a key to be open, making it suitable to be used in and around the home.

Place the mouse bait station along runs where mouse activity has been seen. Check bait regularly. Safeguard can be used with Russell IPM’s rat and mouse lure.


Traps should be thoroughly cleaned before storage in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Trap Handling

Avoid exposing skin to mouse baits used with your Safeguard box.

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