Safestore Diamond

Safestore is a metal detectable modular system designed to target and monitor stored product insects. Each diamond trap can be tailored to a specific insect pest to enable rapid monitoring of a target species.

Best results can be obtained by using the Safetstore system to set up a monitoring programme. When in place, such a programmer can help you to identify when and where infestation will arise.

These diamond monitoring traps provide proven performance for pest controllers, hygiene officers and auditors to conduct an accurate integrated pest management programme and evaluation. Safestore is easy to use, sensitive and offers truly effective results that are applicable to a range of potential infestation sites including food processing, storage, distribution facilities and other public health fields.

Why choose Safestore

Safestore utilises insect-identical pheromones based on those found in nature to lure the target insect into the trap. The Safestore monitoring systems are non-toxic and pesticide-free making them safe for use in food handling facilities and around children and pets. The Safestore trap maintains a stable and long release of target insect pheromone over a period of 4-6 weeks.

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