Safestore HHB

The Safestore HHB monitors and traps the Red Legged Ham beetle and Hide beetle in the food and textile industry..

These beetles are common in homes, pet shops, curing facilities, and any place dealing with dried meats. It comes with a tube of pheromone lure to specifically target these pests, is free of pesticide and is clean and easy to use. Using this for monitoring purposes reduces the risk of damage and final loss as a result of infestation.



  • Targets more than one common stored product insect.
  • Highly effective specifically formulated attractant.
  • Discreet: Slides easy under equipment and furniture.

Trap Application

  1. Peel off protective paper from sticky base.
  2. Apply 1ml of the attractant gel into the centre of the glue area inside the trap.
  3. Form the trap by slotting the ‘A’ tab into the ‘B’ slot.
  4. Put the trap in a convenient place where the beetles are likely to hide.
  5. Check the trap regularly.
  6. Dispose of trap when sticky base is covered with insects.
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