Snap’Em Gel

Snap’Em Gel Overview

Russell IPM’s Snap’Em gels come in four tempting flavours and are made with food grade baits that are proven to be very attractive to rodents.

The food attractant gels are supplied in preloaded syringes, which can be used individually or in combination with a bait gun.

  • Four flavours available for specific pest control needs.
  • Rodenticide free and non-toxic
  • Temperature resistant gel made from a stable material.
  • Clean and simple application to any bait station or trap without the need for a bait gun.
  • Quick to attract both rats and mice, including bait shy rodents.
  • Quick and cost effective solution to baiting snap traps and live catch traps.
Target insects

House mouse, Mus Musculus;
Black rat, Rattus Rattus;
Brown rat, Rattus Norvegicus.

Where to use

Food processing and storage facilities, factories, warehouses, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants.

Product codes

CAT-SNAPG-AN – Snap’Em gel aniseed – Box of 12
CAT-SNAPG-CH – Snap’Em gel chocolate – Box of 12
CAT-SNAPG-CU – Snap’Em gel curry – Box of 12
CAT-SNAPG-PE – Snap’Em gel peanut – Box of 12