Snap’Em Tabs

Snap’Em Tabs Overview

Designed for simple and clean rodent attraction, the four flavours of the Snap’Em tabs are a non-toxic solution to effective rodent monitoring.

The unique shape of the Snap’Em tabs allow for secure insertion into the socket of most snap traps.

  • Four flavours available for specific pest control needs.
  • Rodenticide free and non-toxic
  • Quick and cost effective solution to baiting snap traps.
  • Quick to attract both rats and mice, including bait shy rodents.
  • Clean and simple application into most snap traps.
  • Can be used all year round, indoors and outdoors as part of a simple or complex monitoring programme.
  • No risk to wildlife or pets.
Target insects

House mouse, Mus Musculus;
Black rat, Rattus Rattus;
Brown rat, Rattus Norvegicus.

Where to use

Food processing and storage facilities, factories, warehouses, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants.

Product codes

CAT-SNAPT-CH – Snap’Em tab chocolate – Box of 100
CAT-SNAPT-CU – Snap’Em tab curry – Box of 100
CAT-SNAPT-PE – Snap’Em tab peanut – Box of 100
CAT-SNAPT-AN – Snap’Em tab aniseed – Box of 100