Tephritidae Trap

New funnel trap for monitoring and containment of fruit fly pests

The yellow Tephri trap is a durable, hard-wearing and easy to assemble trap that is used for monitoring fruit fly (Tephritid) species, such as the Mediterranean fruit fly, oriental fruit fly, olive fly and melon fly, Anastrepha, Dacus, Bactrocera, in both protected and outdoor crops.  The yellow hue is highly attractive to fruit flies and large quantities of flies are caught.

Benefits of the Tephridae Trap
  • Durable and hard-wearing for both indoor and outdoor trapping.
  • Special bright yellow colour attractive to fruit fly species.
  • Robust trap can be used for several seasons.
  • Simple to install and maintain.

Russell IPM’s Tephritidae trap is designed to make the monitoring of all fruit fly species simple and efficient. There are three small funnel entrances on the sides of the trap that have been designed to maximise insect entry and minimize exits. Accurate and reliable pest monitoring is essential to damage prevention and crops protection. Using a Tephritidae trap in your orchard will ensure that you are alerted to the presence of unwanted pests at an early stage, detecting the insects before they become a major problem and enabling timely and effective treatment.