Tobaguard Overview

Robust cardboard trap for monitoring tobacco insects. Powerful pheromone lure that targets insects into the trap and onto the adhesive layer.


  • Choice of 3 combinations of pheromones depending on monitoring requirements.
  • Blue Tobaguard comes with Ephestia pheromones, Red Tobaguard comes with Lasioderma pheromones and Green Tobaguard comes with both.
  • Designed to prevent loss and damage to tobacco.
  • Insecticide free and non-toxic.
  • A food lure is added to enhance attraction of longer-lived feeding insects.
  • High quality cardboard with a printed grid for easy insect counts.
  • Ready to use, easy to place.
Target insects

Cigarette beetle, Lasioderma serricorne
Tobacco moth, Ephestia elutella

Where to use

Food warehouses and processing facilities , manufacturing and transportation facilities, tobacco shops, stored tobacco premises, dried fruit and grain storage.

Product codes

CAT-TG10-CB – Tobaguard cigarette beetle traps – 1 kit =10 kits and 10 lures
CAT-TG10-EE – Tobaguard food moth traps – 1 kit =10 kits and 10 lures
CAT-TG10-CB/EE – Tobaguard cigarette beetle and food moth traps – 1 kit =10 kits and 10 lures