Optiroll Black Tuta+

A successful trapping solution for Tuta absoluta

The Optiroll Black Tuta+ roll from Russell IPM combines a highly successful black film with a specific formulation of Tuta absoluta pheromone that enables steady and long-lasting attraction to the moth in glasshouse conditions.
The pheromone is incorporated directly into the adhesive layer – providing a more cost effective and environmentally sensitive solution when compared to traditional dispensers.

Benefits of the Optiroll Black Tuta+
  • Easy to install, simply hang or secure near to target crop.
  • Leaves 0% residue on fresh pro­duce.
  • Slow-release pheromone incorporated into adhesive layer.

Optiroll Black Tuta+ is an innovative product from Russell IPM for the management of Tuta absoluta, the tomato leaf miner moth. These pest management tool consists of a black (Optiroll Black) film coated with non-drying glue and treated with a slow release Tuta absoluta pheromone formulation.
Field trials demonstrated how Tutaroll was able to capture Tuta absoluta successfully with minimal effect on beneficial insects such as Nesidiocoris tenuis or Trichogramma achaeae. Therefore, Tutaroll can be recommended for safe use with a range of biological control systems.

For use in tomato crops against Tuta absoluta. Hang the roller traps between greenhouse posts throughout the greenhouse and around the edge of the crop from planting for the best effect. Suspend the trap vertically in the crop, 15-20cm above ground in young crops or up to 50cm above ground level in mature crops.