Optiroll Tuta+ Yellow

A successful trapping solution for Tuta absoluta and other glasshouse pests

The Optiroll Tuta+ Yellow roll from Russell IPM combines a highly attractive yellow film with a specific, slow release formulation of Tuta absoluta pheromone that enables long-lasting attraction in glasshouse conditions.
The pheromone is incorporated directly into the adhesive layer – providing a more cost effective and environmentally sensitive solution when compared to traditional dispensers.

Benefits of the Optiroll Tuta+ Yellow
  • Scientifically optimised colour wavelength.
  • Easy to install, simply hang or secure near to target crop.
  • Leaves 0% residue on fresh produce.
  • Slow-release pheromone incorporated into adhesive layer.

Optiroll Tuta+ Yellow has the Tuta absoluta sex pheromone incorporated into the glue layer of the trap, which attracts large numbers of male Tuta absoluta to the traps. This is the trap of choice if you want to catch both whiteflies and Tuta on the same trap.

Apply the traps from planting for best effect. Hang the roller traps between greenhouse posts throughout the crop with extra traps around entrances. The best application height will vary according to the target pest(s) and crop(s). Optiroll is safe to use with bumblebee or honeybee pollination and with the release of natural enemies where biological control programmes are used. Optiroll yellow traps are effective monitoring tools on their own, and are also suitable for mass trapping and as part of a wider pest management programme.