WaspPRO and Fly and Wasp Lure

WaspPRO and Fly and Wasp Lure Overview

Russell IPM’s WaspPRO trap and Fly and Wasp lure, used together, are a powerful preventative measure against wasps and flies.

The wasp and fly lure is a powerful, non-toxic lure, containing food-based ingredients to encourage wasps and flies into the hanging WaspPro trap. On entering the robust and weatherproof WaspPRO the wasps and flies have no way to escape.

The traps have a large capacity to hold hundreds of insects and are designed for effective trapping and to protect areas from nuisance flying insects.

  • The attractant is a natural food source that is irresistible to wasps and flies.
  • Once the insects have been lured into the large easy access funnel, they are trapped in the liquid inside.
  • The trap and lure are sustainable and easy to use, for professional or amateur use.
  • Insecticide free and non-toxic.
  • Robust and weatherproof, designed for long service.
  • High capacity to hold hundreds of wasps and flies.
  • Economical solution to a wasp and fly problem.
Target insects

Wasps, Vespula vulgaris;
Flies, Musca domestica

Where to use

Outdoor seating, eating areas, gardens, pub gardens, parks, zoos, farms, stables, bin stores, landfill and waste transfer stations.

Product codes

CAT-F10 – WaspPRO with strings & cages – 1 unit
CAT-F11- Wasp & fly lure in 250ml bottle – 1 unit
CAT-F11-1 – Wasp & fly lure in 1 litre bottle – 1 unit
CAT-F11-5 – Wasp & fly lure in 5 litre bottle – 1 unit


Twist trap so the base comes away from the top. Pour in 125 ml of the wasp and fly lure into the base. Twist the top back on and hang.


Diagram to come

Where to place / Distance
  • To protect outdoor patios or gardens place the traps 4-5 metres apart around the edge.
  • For open areas such as farms, place the trap close to where the wasps and flies can be found such as in trees, bushes or on a wall or window.
  • Ensure the lure in the traps can be replaced safely by avoiding placement of the trap next to nests.
  • Replace every 6-8 weeks unless trap is full earlier.
  • Store lure in a cool dry place for a shelf life of 24 months.
  • If longer storage is required store in a fridge or freezer.