XLure 4Seasons

Xlure 4seasons was the first member of the Xlure series and remains extremely popular today.

Pest controllers and auditors keep using Xlure 4seasons because of the product’s simplicity and ease of use, reducing the number of lure changes to just four times a year. The system is designed to slowly release pheromones at a steady rate over a period of 13 weeks. Furthermore, the product is even easier to monitor due to colour coding that reflects the four seasons, for quick and easy identification of when to change the cartridge.

Benefits of XLure 4Seasons

The slow release formulation of these durable plastic lures reduces the number of pheromone changes to just 4 times a year, making 4 seasons the cost effective and successful solution for pest controllers monitoring stored food product facilities.

The Solution

  • Suitable for a range of species, removing the need for multiple traps to save you time and money.
  • Colour coded to make monitoring and servicing simple, quick and easy.
  • Long life lure is cost-effective and highly attractive to a wide range of stored product flying insects.
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Range of Traps

Xlure 4seasons can be successfully utilised with a range of Plodia/Ephestia monitoring systems. Russell IPM recommend the Xlure Checkpoint trap, this innovative trap has a unique checkpoint pattern that is designed to visually attract insects in addition to the pheromone lure, creating a powerful attractant combination that stimulates both the visual and olfactory senses of the target pest resulting in highly effective trapping and monitoring.