Xlure Checkpoint

Xlure Checkpoint Kit Overview

Xlure Checkpoint combines a visual and chemical attraction, with its pre-baited checkered sticky liner and replaceable pheromone dispenser.

This unique trap should be every pest controllers first choice for the monitoring of stored product pests.

  • Durable permanent trap designed for long term monitoring of stored product moths.
  • When placed in a grid formation throughout a building the trap can be used to keep moth populations low.
  • High capacity to hold hundreds of moths.
  • Waterproof and efficient in dusty areas.
  • Replaceable liner coated in non-drying glue with pheromone.
  • Shaped check patterned liner proven to increase visual attraction to the trap.
  • The slow release, long life pheromone dispenser is sealed in a foil pouch to ensure efficacy and non-contamination.
  • Insecticide free and non-toxic.
  • Cap and cage provided for lure placement.
  • Liners and lures can be purchased separately.
Target insects

Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella;
Warehouse moth, Ephestia ellutella;
Mediterranean mill moth, Ephestia kuehniella;
Tropical warehouse moth, Ephestia cautella.

Where to use

Food processing plants, manufacturing plants, food storage facilities, retail pet stores, homes, kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes.

Product codes

019-XLURE-CHK – XLURE Checkpoint kit – Pack of 10 traps, 10 liners, 10 lures, 10 caps and 10 cages
019-XLURE-CHKLI – XLURE Checkpoint liners – Pack of 10 liners
019-XLURE-CHKR – XLURE Checkpoint recharge – Pack of 10 lures and 10 liners